First Meeting!

Student Advocates For Transportation (SAFT) has scheduled the inaugural meeting of 2007!

When: Monday 11.05.07, at 6:30pm
Where: University Organizing Center at 162 Church Street (map).

Bring your thoughts, complaints, ideas, and proposals about how to improve student transportation at Wesleyan. See you there! Expect food (HINT).


First Meeting - coming soon!

Check out the new, LiveJournal-based Electronic Ride Board, now posted in Links. It functions much like the Wesleyan Anonymous Confessional Board, but with people offering and requesting rides. There is also the Facebook Carpool app, and the "I Need A Ride" group on Facebook started by Matt Bush '09. I actually got a ride through I Need A Ride, and it was awesome. Best ride of my life. Well, not best, but fastest, because kid was speeding and swerving like he was R. Kelly in the middle of a heated but surprisingly detailed cellphone argument with his girlfriend...while driving. So in that way, best, and by the time I got to New Haven I felt like I had clicked the ruby slippers.

Coming soon: This site will feature detailed information regarding all public and private transportation available out of Middletown. I have made obsessive charts about this late into the night, so hopefully someone will find it helpful.

Right now, SAFT (heyyyy) needs NEW MEMBERS. If you or others you know are interested in leadership experience, and want to be at the forefront of a positive project for the Wesleyan student body that yields tangible results, look out for our first meeting within the next two weeks!